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Tooth Slooth fracture detectorTooth Slooth fracture detector
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Tooth Slooth

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Tooth Slooth Fracture Detector (White) PK4

•Helps locate cracked teeth that normally cannot be detected clinically or radiographically.
•Small indentation of instrument delivers force of bite to one cusp at a time.
•Easy to use on lingual cusps.
•Speeds diagnosis and minimizes patient discomfort.
•Eliminates unpredictable and inaccurate testing objects such as orangewood sticks, cotton rolls, rubber wheels, etc.
•Eliminates patient discomfort and helps the patient understand the need for treatment.
•Repeat procedure will render confirmation of diagnosis unlike other testing methods.


Tooth Slooth II-Crown Seater (Blue) PK4

This instrument can be used daily for most cementation tasks in the dental office.
In addition, there are times when the dental professional needs a smaller instrument for diagnosing fractures
of difficult-to-reach molars or in patients with small mouths. This multi-purpose instrument is a companion or adjunct
to the “original” Tooth Slooth fracture detector (white).
• Helps cement crowns, onlays, inlays and bridges
• Slot holds anterior crowns in place during the cementation process
• Pointed end for use in testing for sensitivity in the fossa area
• Knurled slip-resistant surface
• Blue for identification convenience
• Autoclavable

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